Harvey Elliott Injury, Stats, Salary, Transfer Fee, Net Worth, Bio, Height, Parents, Girlfriend/Wife And Wiki

Harvey Elliott is a professional footballer who plays as a winger or midfielder. Harvey Elliott currently plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League.

Harvey Elliott was born in the United Kingdom on April 4, 2003, to his parents Scott Elliot and Mrs. Elliot. Harvey Elliott is British.

Harvey Elliott Height

How tall is Harvey Elliott?

Harvey Elliott stands at 1.7 m.

Harvey Elliott’s height in feet is 5′ 7″.

Harvey Elliott’s height in cm is 170 cm.

Harvey Elliott Weight

Harvey Elliott’s weight in kg is 62 kg.

Harvey Elliott’s weight in lbs is 136 lbs.

Harvey Elliott Profile Summary

Full Name Harvey Daniel James Elliott
Date Of Birth April 4, 2003
Nationality British
National Team England
Wife/Girlfriend Emelia Scarlett
Net Worth 1.5 Million Euro
Height 1.7m
Parents Scott Elliot and Mrs. Elliot
Kids N/A
Jersey No. (Club) 19
Salary £780,000 yearly
Position Winger or Midfielder


Harvey Elliott Net Worth

How much is Harvey Elliott worth? What is Harvey Elliott‘s net worth? Harvey Elliott has an estimated net worth of 1.5 Million Euro.

                                                           Harvey Elliott Signing Fee

How much did Liverpool sign Harvey Elliott ? Liverpool promoted Harvey Elliott from their Academy in 2018.   

                                                          Harvey Elliott Wife/Girlfriend

Is Harvey Elliott married? Who is Harvey Elliott’s girlfriend/wife? Harvey Elliott is not married but is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Emelia Scarlett.

                                                            Harvey Elliott Children

Does Harvey Elliott have kids? Who are Harvey Elliott’s children? Harvey Elliott does not have kids.