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Trent Alexander-Arnold is a professional footballer who plays as a right-back. Trent Alexander-Arnold currently plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League. Trent Alexander-Arnold plays for the English national team.

Trent Alexander-Arnold was born in the United Kingdom on October 7, 1998, to his parents Michael Arnold and Dianna Arnold. Trent Alexander-Arnold is English.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Height

How tall is Trent Alexander-Arnold?

Trent Alexander-Arnold stands at 1.75m.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s height in feet is 5′ 9″.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s height in cm is 175 cm.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Weight

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s weight in kg is 68 kg.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s weight in lbs is 150 lbs.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Profile Summary

Full Name Trent John Alexander-Arnold
Date Of Birth  October 7, 1998
Nationality English
National Team England
Wife/Girlfriend Hannah Atkins
Net Worth 3 Million Euro
Height 1.75m
Parents Michael Arnold and Dianna Arnold
Kids N/A
Jersey No. (Club) 66
Salary  £9,360,000 yearly
Position Winger


Trent Alexander-Arnold Net Worth

How much is Trent Alexander-Arnold worth? What is Trent Alexander-Arnold‘s net worth? Trent Alexander-Arnold has an estimated net worth of 3 Million Euro.

                                                    Trent Alexander-Arnold Signing Fee

How much did Liverpool sign Trent Alexander-Arnold? Liverpool promoted Trent Alexander-Arnold from the Liverpool Youth Academy from 2016 to join the senior team.  

                                                     Trent Alexander-Arnold Wife/Girlfriend

Is Trent Alexander-Arnold married? Who is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s girlfriend/wife? Trent Alexander-Arnold is not married but in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Hannah Atkins.

                                                      Trent Alexander-Arnold Children

Does Trent Alexander-Arnold have kids? Who are Trent Alexander-Arnold’s children? Trent Alexander-Arnold doesn’t have kids.

                                                       Trent Alexander-Arnold Previous/Former Clubs Played

Which clubs has Trent Alexander-Arnold played for? How Many Clubs Has Trent Alexander-Arnold Played? What Is Trent Alexander-Arnold Previous/former Club? Trent Alexander-Arnold has only playedfor Liverpool Youth side.